Questionnaire of audit quality

Questionnaire of audit quality of AuditComService LLCDear Clients!

In order to improve the quality of auditing services, AuditСomService LLC asks you for support!

We appreciate your opinion and ask to find a few minutes for filling of the questionnaire offered below.

The answers to the questions will help us to improve significantly efficiency our work, thus better satisfy your practical requirements.

The name of your organization:
What services do you often order at the audit company:
How long have you used the auditing services:
For what period do you more practice the conduct of the audit of the annual accounting report:
How do you choose the auditing company:
In what calendar month of the current year do you more often sign the contract for an audit:
How many auditors do you prefer during the conduct of an audit:
Did you have difficulty difficulties with the auditors. If so, what kinds:
What would you like to change in the auditors’ work during the audit:
What exactly do you like in the work of auditors:
What would you personally recommend to the auditing company for the improvement of the effectiveness of audit services:
Note (any information you would like to let us know):
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