Software of AuditComService LLCThe software used during the conduct of a qualitative audit at the enterprise, is an integral part of the audit process.

During the conduct of an audit, the auding company follows the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, and developed internal rules (standards).

The audit should include the following basic analytical procedures:

  • methods and ways of calculation of the materiality level;
  • calculation of audit risks;
  • determination of the sampling of the Client’s reporting at the segment accounting;
  • audit methodology of segments accounting and correctness of settlements on them.

The above enumerated procedures are needed for the account of maximally possible amount of Client’s errors, drafting up of the report on conduct of an audit with pointing of the recommendations on the recovery of the founded misstatements of the accounting and financial reporting, as well as of the issuance of the auditor's report.

The conduct of quality audit and execution of analytical procedures for the most complete detection of critical errors of the accounting rather difficult without special economic software packages.

For the conduct of a quality audit we use own software - Audit Documentation. This program is used at the initial stage of planning, as well as at the stage of drafting of work papers and allows our team maximally exactly and quickly identify possible accounting misstatements of the Client and give to recommendation on their recovery.

Features of Audit Documentation software package:

  • includes basic analytical procedures for the conduct of an audit;
  • allows to apply different methodologies of the audit of accounting segments depending on the types of activity, financial indicators and specific features of Client’s enterprise activity;
  • operates in a conjoint mode, namely allows to the audit group unite and work together, correct the data, which is considerably reduces the detection risk in closely-related segments of the accounting reporting of the Client;
  • Registration of Audit Documentation software of AuditComService LLChas a modular structure, which allows to constantly improve it with regard to the specific characteristics of the audited enterprises as well as taking into account the legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
  • registered by the employee of our company in the National center of intellectual property of the Republic of Belarus. In accordance with the contract is intellectual property of the auditing company AuditComService LLC.

The software Audit Documentation is constantly updated taking into account the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and aspects of the audited enterprises.

Using the Audit Documentation software package, our specialists qualitatively, promptly and quickly identify possible accounting misstatements of the Client, and give recommendations on their recovery.



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