Accounting services for entrepreneurs

Accounting services of AuditComService LLCAn accounting and tax accounting restoration of business accounting is the restoration of revenues and expenses of the enterprise by the systematization of primary accounting documents and by its reflection in the accounting and tax registers.

The restoration procedure (complete or partial) of accounting allows to conform accounting information to the legislation requirements operating in the period of realization of a financial and economic activity of the enterprise.

The restoration of business accounting is carried out on the basis of a concluded contract on restoration of accounting and represents a long-term work (usually from a few weeks to several months). Restoration of accounting includes the restoration of the books: the accounting of proceeds from the realization of goods (operations, services), accounting of income and expenses, accounting income and expenses of the organizations and individual entrepreneurs using a simplified system of accounting.

In the absence of primary accounting documents, the accounting restoration is conducted on the basis of copies (properly certified) of the primary accounting documents of the persons with whom have been made business transactions.

The restoration of accounting for different periods may be caused by different factors: the loss of documents, with the improper accounting for certain periods of the enterprise work, etc.

For reducing of the risk of possible sanctions by the regulatory authorities, related with violation of the current legislation in the period of restoration of accounting, it is also necessary to restore a tax accounting and to submit specified declarations on taxes, accounting forms taking into account corrections to the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies.

Cost of accounting services

Accounting for a simplified taxation system from 600 Belarusian rubles per month
Accounting for the general taxation system from 800 Belarusian rubles per month
Restoration of accounting from 7 500 Belarusian rubles


Your advantages when ordering high-quality accounting services

  • experienced specialists and effective business processes (at the market of audit and audit-related services for over 20 years, according to the rating of audit organizations among top-15 organizations);
  • audit and audit-related services according to international standards (an independent member of the international audit network UC&CS America and association UC&CS Global);
  • full insurance coverage (voluntary insurance of civil liability) in the amount of 1,000,000.00 (one million Belarussian rubles);