Restoration of accounting

Accounting services of AuditComService LLCThe restoration of accounting is carried out on the basis of a concluded contract on restoration of accounting and represents a long-term work (usually from a few weeks to several months).

For providing this service there are involved:

  • specialists in accounting, providing directly preparation, processing and accounting transaction;
  • auditors responsible for target setting, control, acceptance of works, target setting to the programmers and analysis of opportunities for minimization of taxation;
  • programmers who develop and introduce concrete software solutions for the purposes of the restoration of accounting.

The restoration of accounting can be used by those organizations in which the head (founder) in virtue of some reasons considers that accounting and tax accounting have been maintained or isn’t maintained properly.

The uncertain accounting (or accounting absence) leading to the fact that the management (founders) and other stakeholders (creditors, business partners, investors) don’t have the opportunity to receive full and exact information about the activity of the organization and its financial (property) position.

If the accounting is not carried out or there are no primary documents, so additional taxes, penalty, fines will be imposed during the conduct of a tax inspection.

The absence of primary documents or accounting registers doesn’t allow to control the safety of cash resources and other assets of the enterprise, material asset, as well as a quick receiving of the information about payments with creditors and debtors.

But more important, that the absence of accounting at the proper level doesn’t allow well-reasoned object to the tax authorities in the case of a tax inspection and presentation of claims.

What is needed to remember during the restoration of accounting and tax accounting?

During the restoration of accounting you will need to restore missing primary documents (for example, to receive statements on the current account in the Bank or to sign of counterparties waybills, CMR and invoices).

Perhaps, in the process of restoration, the electronic database of accounting will be created or updated.

You should be ready that after the restoration of accounting maybe it will be necessary to pay taxes, the size of which may be insignificant but it is difficult to determine in advance (besides, it also depends on the presence of primary documents).

How is made the restoration of accounting, tax accounting?

  • The cost of rendered services is agreed after a visual examination of available primary documents and electronic databases, the identification of real necessity of the restoration of accounting, weaknesses and gaps.
  • Then the express audit of accounting and tax accounting is conducted. The express-audit allows to identify system errors in the accounting at the small expenditure of time. The verification of primary documents and accounting is conducted at the express-audit.
  • At signing of the contract on restoration of accounting we agree the technical task for restoration of accounting.
  • Program of the restoration of accounting is prepared on the basis of the technical task.
  • Realization of works on the restoration of accounting.
  • Preparation of the report on the work done on the restoration of accounting, transfer of documents and restored (corrected) or created electronic base of accounting and tax accounting.

According to the results of the restoration of accounting and tax accounting, auditing company AuditComService LLC is responsible for accuracy of reporting and forming registers of tax accounting in accordance with the concluded contract.

Cost of accounting services

Accounting for a simplified taxation system from 600 Belarusian rubles per month
Accounting for the general taxation system from 800 Belarusian rubles per month
Restoration of accounting from 7 500 Belarusian rubles


Your advantages when ordering high-quality accounting services

  • experienced specialists and effective business processes (at the market of audit and audit-related services for over 20 years, according to the rating of audit organizations among top-15 organizations);
  • audit and audit-related services according to international standards (an independent member of the international audit network UC&CS America and association UC&CS Global);
  • full insurance coverage (voluntary insurance of civil liability) in the amount of 1,000,000.00 (one million Belarussian rubles);