Auditing services

Audit services of AuditComService LLCThe auditing services, the list of audit procedures and the cost of services are agreed individually with the Client in each particular case and are rendered in full compliance with the rules (standards) established by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus, as well as internal methodological documents, standards and regulations of the auditing company AuditComServis LLC.

The aim of the audit is not to search for defects in your work, but a «fresh view» of specialists with great experience and also the help in the elimination of risks of undesirable consequences at the errors detection.

The specialists will provide you with detailed elucidations and recommendations for errors elimination.

The conduct of a phased audit is the most effective one, which gives the opportunity to make corrections in time and prevent possible penalties.

The cost of auditing services is defined individually in each case and depends on the following factors:

  • the volume of document circulation;
  • the number and variety of activities;
  • the quality of maintenance of accounting records;
  • the level of automation and a number of other factors.

The specialists of other areas, for example, legal or administrative one can join in the conduct of an audit by agreement with the Client.

Basic types of rendered auditing services:

  • statutory audit
    the assurance of annual accounting (financial) report as well as certain indicators of the financial and economic activity of the organization in the cases provided for by law;
  • voluntary audit
    the audit on the agreed questions with the Client directly connected with the financial and economic activity of the enterprise, as well as the audit of compliance with certain procedures, norms and rules;
  • tax audit
    a comprehensive audit of the company’s financial activities with the purpose of exposure wrong maintaining of tax records, underpayment or overpayment of taxes and contributions, errors during the preparation of tax returns;
  • staged audit
    the conduct an audit and report preparation on the results of each audit period, according to the convenient schedule, that assists the best processing of the reports by the employees of your accounting department;
  • special-purpose audit
    the audit with the purpose of expression of opinions about the accuracy of audited part or the indicator of the auditee, as well as the compliance of its calculation or forming of requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Cost of audit services

Audit within Minsk from 420 Belarusian rubles per one person-day
Audit outside of Minsk from 450 Belarusian rubles per one person-day


Your advantages when ordering high-quality audit services

  • experienced specialists and effective business processes (at the market of audit and audit-related services for over 20 years, according to the rating of audit organizations among top-15 organizations);
  • audit and audit-related services according to international standards (an independent member of the international audit network UC&CS America and association UC&CS Global);
  • use of own developed software Audit Documentation (IT Department) for the most effective and professional audit;
  • full insurance coverage (voluntary insurance of civil liability) in the amount of 1,000,000.00 (one million Belarussian rubles);
  • free professional consultancy support in hotline system (includes oral consultations and written consultations);
  • free auditing procedures for the verification of accounting segments by a continuous method using own analytical software products;
  • SPECIAL OFFER! - discounts for the audit at rendering of transformation services of financial statements according to International financial reporting standards (IFRS).