Audit Documentation

Software Audit Documentation of AuditComService LLCAudit Documentation is a software package designed for conduct a qualitative audit at the enterprise, developed in accordance with the Rules of auditing activity of the Republic of Belarus.

Audit Documentation is the first and the only software for auditing in the Republic of Belarus:

  • developed by practitioners in the area of jurisprudence, accounting and auditing;
  • constantly updated with the consideration for audited enterprises of different branches and changes of the legislation and rules of auditing activity;
  • passing multilevel quality control both on the part of the auditees and developers (leading auditors, lawyers).

During the working with the software package, maximal confidentiality of information is kept, namely:

  • every employee of the company has only the information on audited enterprises, during the realization of audit by the group of auditors each of them has only his part of information, the join of information on all audited enterprises can be conducted by the separately appointed authorized person;
  • all copies of the software package will work only on the computers on which they are installed and have a limit term of keys retention, that allows at the discharge of the employee to cancel the access to the information on the audited enterprises on his personal computer;
  • at any change of information on audited enterprises, a back-up copy of information is created, that allows to recover data for any period of the audit.

Registration of Audit Documentation software AuditComService LLCThe software Audit Documentation is registered by the employee of our company in the National center of intellectual property of the Republic of Belarus. In accordance with the contract, it is an intellectual property of AuditComService LLC.

The main features of the software Audit Documentation:

  • include basic auditing procedures for the conduct of audit;
  • includes basic analytical procedures, such as the calculation of audit risks, the level of materiality, 15 sampling types (the basic ones: professional judgments, based on the turnovers and balance of accounts, impact assessment of qualitative factors, impact assessment of quantitative factors), the variances in sampling results;
  • allows to apply different methodologies of the audit of accounting segments depending on the types of activity, financial indicators and specific features of the auditee activity;
  • it functions in a joint mode, allows the auditing group to unite and correct together the data, that is considerably reduce the risk of undetection of errors in the related segments of accounting control of the auditee;
  • allows to carry out loading/unloading of necessary data in external files (for example, the contract on rendering of auditing services, the report on audit results, audit conclusion).

Additionally, in concordance with the Client, our specialists conduct training of employees on working with the program, using of its features in practical situations, as well as server tuning of exchange data between the employees of the Client.

For more detailed information on the software package about:

  • opportunities and using the demo version;
  • training of your employees;
  • rates, the procedure of purchase;
  • technical support and subsequent updates;

You can find out by our contact telephone numbers in the section Service order.

With the use of the software Audit Documentation, the quality of rendered services of our Clients, auditing companies, is considerably increased, that allows in a prospect to raise the level and prestige of audit, not only within the framework of a single organization, but also in the Republic of Belarus in general.