Audit-related services

Audit-related services of AuditComService LLCThe audit-related services are provided under contracts wherein clearly indicated that these works are not an audit (tasks, providing confidence in financial reporting on the whole).

The certain types of assets or liabilities, profits or expenses, certain financial-economic operations, the procedure of taxes charge and certain taxes payment can serve as the object of research. There is possible the analysis for reflection in accounting and tax accounting of single transactions.

You yourselves determine the areas at maximum risks or its accounting methodology with considerable difficulties.

Attention focusing of our specialists on the certain range of questions at rendering audit-related services allows:

  • on the one hand, the most detailed investigate this area of accounting;
  • on the other hand, to avoid the large time expenditures and costs accordingly, that would have occurred at the complex analysis of accounting and tax accounting of the company or during conducting an audit.

The detailed report is made according to the results of research that summarizes the work done, reflects the identified defects and recommendations on their removal, as well as general conclusions on the results of research on the whole.

Basic types of rendered audit-related services:

  • analysis of economic activity
    examination of accounting data with the purpose of detection the reasons and estimate their impact on actual results in order to plan the prospects of the enterprise development and to exclude the influence of negative factors;
  • budgeting
    reduction of unreasonable use of assets of the enterprise due to the timely planning of economic operations, commodity and financial flows and the control over their real realization;
  • remuneration of labour
    audit of payroll accounting of the whole enterprise or separate subdivisions (areas);
  • cost management
    set of measures for the enterprise, allowing increase substantially the competitiveness of the business;
  • pricing
    choice of the general direction in pricing, main approaches to the determination of prices for goods and services with the purpose of maximization commercial results.

Cost of audit-related services

Audit-related services within Minsk from 460 Belarusian rubles per one person-day
Audit-related services outside of Minsk from 500 Belarusian rubles per one person-day


Your advantages when ordering high-quality audit-related services

  • experienced specialists and effective business processes (at the market of audit and audit-related services for over 20 years, according to the rating of audit organizations among top-15 organizations);
  • audit and audit-related services according to international standards (an independent member of the international audit network UC&CS America and association UC&CS Global);
  • use of own developed software Audit Documentation (IT Department) for the most effective and professional audit;
  • full insurance coverage (voluntary insurance of civil liability) in the amount of 1,000,000.00 (one million Belarussian rubles);