Auditing network UC&CS America

nternational audit network UC&CS AmericaAuditСomService LLC is valid and independent member of the international audit network UC&CS America from September 2016.

UC&CS America – is an international auditing network, was founded over 20 years ago in Mexico City, Mexico. Main offices are located in Mexico City and New York City.

The last edition of the IAB - International Accounting Bulletin, World Survey 2022 shows the following about UC&CS America for 2021 year:

  • UC&CS America certificate of membership AuditComService LLCUC&CS America is the 27th place Network, worldwide;
  • annual revenue $ 115 500 000;
  • 1,927 Staff;
  • 244 Partners;
  • 173 Offices;
  • 45 Countries.

More information: UC&CS America .

  • Download the full presentation of UC&CS America and UC&CS Global in Spanish and English in pdf format.
  • Download the list of members of UC&CS America and UC&CS Global, including full contact information, in pdf format.

Membership in the international audit network UC&CS America allows us to conduct audit services to our Clients in accordance with international audit standards, to conduct audit and transformation in accordance with International financial reporting standards (IFRS) and in accordance with national accounting standards of the United States (US GAAP).



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